If You Pay T-Mobile $5 Per Month, It Will Offer Deep Discounts On Smartphones

By Kamal Nayan - 26 Jan '15 02:25AM

T-Mobile has launched a service called Score under which you can opt to pay $5 a month for exclusive access to discounts when upgrading to new devices.

The sample deals showcased by T-Mobile are pretty appealing. If you opt to be a member of Score for one year you can unlock deals on the top tier smartphones. Under one sample deal you could get $150 off the full price of a Nexus 6 or Galaxy Note 4, as well as $100 off a Galaxy S 5. You get $150 off by paying $60 which sounds appealing.

If you opt for a 6-month membership, (costs $30), you can get some entry-level smartphones for free. For example, you can get the Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2, costing around $80, for free after 6-months.

According to the mobile carrier, the deals will be continually updated so a year from now you might have a plethora of smartphone options to choose from.

If you don't upgrade your device each and every year, those $5 charges could add up.

Score is available to all T-Mobile prepaid and postpaid customers.

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