Chris Brown’s Probation on Assault Case Revoked by Judge

By Ashwin Subramania - 18 Jan '15 16:01PM

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Brandlin revoked R&B singer Chris Brown's probationary status for travelling without obtaining approval for a show. The singer was ordered to not leave Los Angeles County without permission but was seen performing at a night club in San Jose on Jan 11. Judge Brandlin however said Brown could remain free until March 20 when he will receive further updates from the probation officials.

Brown's attorney Mark Geragos explained to the court that his firm has incorrectly advised the singer and that he wasn't required to obtain permission while travelling for the show. While Judge Brandlin accepted the defence's explanation, he also pointed out that Brown failed to finish his community service on time and was roughly 200 hours behind. He revoked Brown's probation to exercise better control over the case. It should be noted that Chris Brown was ordered to complete at least 1000 hours of community service by January this year.

Probation Officer Carlos Delgado in his report wrote, "Though he has shown the ability to be compliant during long stretches of his probation grant, [Brown] continues a pattern of making choices that are counterproductive in his ability to be successful on probation," he also added, "There is also concern that when he performs or attends at (sic) some of his public events, people will get shot or seriously injured."

Chris Brown had been put on probation for his attack on pop superstar Rihanna in 2009 who was also his girlfriend at the time. He has since had multiple brushes with the law for a misdemeanour assault and a hit and run incident. While the charges for the hit and run incident were dismissed, Brown was held in custody for two and half months last year.

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