How To Win Every Gunfight Easy In CoD Warzone

By Staff Reporter - 28 Sep '21 10:43AM

CoD Warzone gunfights are the most challenging part of the game as they are highly competitive. At times you were almost on the way to winning a gunfight but, at last, ended up losing it. Do you ever think what went wrong with that gunfight? Or how could you have won it? If such questions ever cross your mind, this article is for you. To know more, visit

Here, you will come across some mechanics that will make you gain victory over some gunfights that seemed to be impossible to win.

Tips To Win Every Gunfight Easily In CoD Warzone

● Good Aim

Unless you are naturally gifted, the excellent aim is something that comes with a lot of practice. When you practice aiming regularly, you build muscle memory which contributes to sharpening your skills. Whenever you play the game, try to focus on tracking and centering. Also, having proper control of the gun will allow you to have good aim. Don't make the mistake of shooting first and then dragging the mouse, especially during an intense fight. Instead, do it the other way round. Moreover, try to adjust the sensitivity according to your convenience. Don't settle for the default setting.

● Pre-fire at a range that is close to the target

Earlier, the basic rule of any battle game is that you aim and start firing whenever you come across your enemy. However, in today's Warzone games, this technique has evolved. What works best in close-range gunfights is to pre-fire. When you can see your enemy's location and if they are at a close range, start pre-firing. You should make conscious efforts while pre-firing. Instead of aiming and shooting, try to shoot first and then aim. Your goal here should be to put as many bullets as you can on your enemy. Most of the time, while playing Warzone, you get caught by surprise. You need to go to the corners and even scan areas, and this is where pre-firing and aiming can be helpful. These techniques will make a lot of difference in winning your gunfights.

● Misdirection

There are situations where you start shooting your enemy, but they try to run away. You start sprinting your enemy and decide to kill him, but out of nowhere, your enemy jumps out and catches you mid-sprint. This is the art of misdirection. You can try this mechanism as well with your target. Whenever you are in a gunfight, make it look like you are running in the opposite direction. What you have to do is go into the cover or turn into a corner. In this way, you can change the entire situation. However, keep in mind that timing has a very crucial role to play here. Your aim here should be to catch your enemy in the mid-sprint. The art of misdirection can be constructive to catch the enemy off guard.

● Use the movement in a gunfight

Movements are a very important topic when it comes to winning gunfights. You should try to make use of the environment to complement the movements. Also, take a look at the settings to ensure that nothing is holding your movement.

● Be a moving target

Try to remain a moving target as much as you can. It is very challenging to hit a moving target instead of one that is standing in one position. This easy tip can greatly influence your win at gunfights in close range. However, be cautious of getting caught while sprinting around the map.

When you go for the original encounter, some extra movement is going to be enough to kick off your enemy. If you simply jump off as you encounter your enemy might make them miss those first, important shots. The good part about these two movements is that they don't create any negative impact on your aim. Thus, what you can do is to keep the movement in control but untrackable to your enemies.


Hope this article helps! Whether you are playing this game for the first time or you are a seasoned veteran, there is always scope for you to improve your skills in the game. This extensive guide aims to provide you insights on different strategies to gain victory in gunfights.

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