Serial Entrepreneur Jonte Wells Announces Launch of Greater Purpose Management

By Staff Reporter - 06 Sep '21 11:49AM
  • Serial Entrepreneur Jonte Wells Announces Launch of Greater Purpose Management
  • (Photo : Serial Entrepreneur Jonte Wells Announces Launch of Greater Purpose Management )

For Jonte Wells, it's not just business. It's personal. Growing up in Chicago's inner city, Jonte not only witnessed the struggles of at-risk youths in the city but experienced them. He saw first hand the impact a lack of role models, mentors and minimal access to athletics and athletic facilities was having.

Fortunately for Jonte, he found his path in athletics and later in business, and has combined his passion for the two with the development of Greater Purpose Athletics (GPA), a 12,000 square foot facility in the heart of Schaumburg, Illinois. The athletic complex includes a full size basketball court, shooting stations and a total of seven hoops. The facility also includes a turfed area, weight facility, recovery center, and lounge. It is decidedly focused on basketball, but most importantly, it serves as a path for area youths for better physical, mental and social development. For many, it is a way out.

Greater Purpose Athletics is already having an impact. Membership is rapidly growing and the facility is serving as a communal center, even as the pandemic continues to be problematic. "Many of these kids had lost contact at school and social activities are limited. We are bringing that back in a safe way." says Wells. "It's not just about excelling at athletics. It's about working as a team, learning how to win and lose, and growing as strong individuals. It is terrific to see these kids grow."

Now, Greater Purpose Athletics continues to expand its footprint by offering young, aspiring athletes access to management services. This is practical, ground up and practical management and training, is designed to help young athletes better maneuver their way through a myriad of potential challenges they face.

GPA Management consults with young athletes regarding their financial assets, legal rights, and post-career options. Athletes learn how to maximize their on court-performance and extend their careers. It can begin with the use of GPA facilities and even monitored pre-draft training. They assist with marketing and helping athletes build their value and their athletic brands. They offer access to individuals and networks who can assist with sponsorships and product endorsements. Rather than taking the place of an agent, Jonte sees GPA Management as working with agents. "Most agents excel at contract negotiations, and they will tell athletes that." Jonte explains. "We however, help with the more day to day stuff some athletes can be challenged by. We give them the knowledge they need and are there to advise them in their choices ranging from foundations to endorsements. We love helping them contribute to their communities."

Jonte feels his relatively young age is an asset. "I can relate to these guys, and they seem to relate to me. We talk about on and off the court stuff, and they know they are not getting lectured. They can get real answers from someone they can trust. I think they appreciate that."

Greater Purpose Management works like a talent manager in customizing services for their clients. "Some athletes are low maintenance while others are very high maintenance. We talk to each about where they are and where they need help. It is very much hands-on and a customized service, depending on the athlete. We feel our services puts them in more control of the things they want to be involved in."

Along with Greater Purpose Athletics and Management, Jonte has been involved in real estate investments, development and "house-flipping" since 2017. More recently, he has become a franchisee of Sugaring NYC, a rapidly growing organic waxing company with locations in Lincoln Park and South Elgin. His locations are already nearing $2 million in annual sales. "I still love competing, even if it's in a different arena" Wells says. He appears to be winning.

What one piece of advice would Jonte give young aspiring athletes? "Find your greater purpose." He adds "It may not be athletics." It is apparent Jonte has found his.

Wells is on a mission to help young athletes, whether it is through his Greater Purpose Athletics facility in Schaumburg or through his management company.

For more information about the Greater Purposes Athletics program, get in touch with Jonte Wells today at  

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