Portable Home Standby Generators - A Complete Guideline

By Staff Reporter - 24 Jul '21 11:34AM
  • Portable Home Standby Generators - A Complete Guideline
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Many homeowners in and around the Grand Rapids area have recently been exposed to news reports about the dangers of home standby generators for standby power in cases of emergency. While these generators certainly are an expensive investment, they are also sure to last the test of time, saving money in the process. While it's true that most home standby generators in Grand Rapids do not consume any electricity at all, it's also crucial to note that many can run well above their rated life span.

Home Power Needs:

If you've been shopping around for standby generators, you've likely noticed that there are so many different makes and models out there. To make sense of all your options, it helps to understand what they are for, and how they can best meet your home power needs. In essence, this type of generator is just an extension of your home's regular power needs into the off-grid world. This means that it is connected to the grid but operates independently, supplying energy to your home when you need it the most.

Types of Home Standby Generators:

There are two types of home standby generators and include diesel and gasoline.

1. Diesel Portable Generators:

Diesel portable generators are more common if you are going to be away from home for an extended period since they tend to run much more efficiently than gasoline.

While they do cost more upfront, they are usually a better long term investment in the long run. For example, diesel costs much less per gallon of fuel than gasoline, so for several months or even years, you can save money. The best thing about using diesel, however, is that it is also less polluting than gasoline.

2. Gasoline-Powered

The second type of home standby generator is gasoline-powered. There are some things to be said for these as well. The biggest advantage of gasoline is that they are much easier to install and use. If you are planning to install a generator on your own, you can find some good do-it-yourself kits at most hardware stores. It can also be relatively easy to install them if you have the proper tools.

However, gasoline home standby generators tend to use a great deal of electricity, so if you are not putting the generator in your home where you will be using the electrical power, you should take steps to ensure you will not be shocked by the sudden overload. One of the easiest ways to ensure you won't be shocked is to install a surge protector or a power stabilizer on the outlets of the generator. In addition, you should also install one or two extra outlet strips, depending upon how many electrical outlets you plan to connect to the generator. Most appliances have surge protectors built-in, and many older homes have electricity hookups that utilize a single 12-volt outlet strip, so if yours does not have one, it may still be sufficient to help keep the electrical load from being overwhelming.

Back-up Power:

Home standby generators provide an excellent amount of backup power if you are away from home for an extended time, so they are a good idea for businesses. Many commercial generators use propane fuel, although most run on diesel. Diesel is much more stable and less harmful than propane, which is a petroleum product derived from crude oil. You should check the tank of your home standby generators frequently to ensure that the fuel is fresh. If the fuel drops below a certain point, you may find that the generator has trouble starting. Some generators offer an emergency start button that you can push when needed.

Portable home standby generators are great for those times when you can't be home to rely on a professionally installed home generator. However, if you want to be prepared for power outages by having an emergency power supply that you can rely on, you should consider purchasing a generator that you can install in your own home. Portable generators are not difficult to install and most come with easy to follow instructions. They are also more affordable than professional installed generators and offer you many advantages over power outages. Make sure you take the time to learn about the various types of generators available and determine which one will work best for you and your family.

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