Eye Catching Photography Trends for Summer

By Staff Reporter - 08 Jul '21 10:54AM
  • Eye Catching Photography Trends for Summer
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Create some eye-catching photography this summer to fill your online portfolio with awesome summer shots. Upload these as stock photography ready for purchase and download by companies and small businesses, helping you to continue your passion as an avid photographer by making money from your images. Online photo sharing site, Clickasnap, have helped to pick out some of the best eye-catching photography trends for you to incorporate into your photography this summer. 

Family time 

It goes without saying, family time has become central to our lives over the past 18 months. With international travel still an uncertainty this summer, our closest family remain key to our summer experience this year. Focusing on capturing families spending time together during staycations is sure to be popular within the photography community in the summer of 2021. These images will be popular on photo sharing sites and stock image sites, where companies will be looking for content which will resonate with their audiences' current experience. 

Vibrant and Bright colours 

If you have been keeping up with the latest fashion trends you will have noticed a massive shift from the winter neutrals to uber bright colours this season. Whether you choose to shoot colour in reality or enhance your images to brighten the vibrancy of the colours, you will be on trend for summer 2021. 

Self-shot portraits 

A self-shot portrait is one which is either taken by the model themselves or is made to look this way by the photographer. Play around with this cool trend to capture images fit for a supermodel's latest Instagram post. This trend has even made its way into major magazines, of which celebrities and models collaborated with photographers to get the best shot. Why not give it a try and find a new angle for your photography, giving your images a homemade, authentic feel. 

Getting back to normal 

Returning to normality is the thought on everyone's mind and the discussion on people's lips. As we slowly begin to see the reopening of restaurants, bars, events, and more, now is a great time to capture this momentous period of our lives, which will no doubt go down in history. Adventure into your local town or city to view this excitement through your lens. 

These types of shots will also be in demand from companies and businesses looking to utilise them across their website and social media platforms to resonate with their audiences. If publishing your content as stock photography to online photo sharing sites, consider approaching the pandemic and the re-opening of society as a key trend this summer. 

Body positivity 

Pre-pandemic we may have rarely spotted an unedited or unfiltered image on our timelines. During the last year, the body positivity movement has flourished and photographers both online and in print have been focused on the unfiltered, natural body. To add to the focus on mental health and well-being, there is no better time to ditch the photoshop and publish raw, authentic content. 

Vintage Hues

Vintage hues have always been popular each summer, as they cast a golden glow over your images and get your audience dreaming of warm European vacations. This year is no different, more than ever people are longing for a deserved get away. Adding a vintage hue to your image will add a sense of elegance and an essence of the past. With a wide selection of online photo editing sites and software, the vintage hue can be added post-production, keeping your image clear and crisp. 

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