The Key Data Science Trends in 2021 That Could See More Exciting Job Opportunities Appear

By Staff Reporter - 22 Jun '21 09:33AM
  • The key data science trends in 2021 that could see more exciting job opportunities appear
  • (Photo : The key data science trends in 2021 that could see more exciting job opportunities appear)

Data science is one of the fastest-growing industries to work in and a role that companies across all sectors are looking to fill. With such high demand and an average salary of around $130,000, it is undoubtedly a sector on the move. As you would expect for such a tech-heavy role, it is also constantly evolving, and new trends appear as time passes. As with tech trends that are shaping the non-profit sector, these trends in data science can have a major impact on where the industry heads next.

But what key trends do we see in 2021?

Online learning growing 

Data science is a specialized field and relies on a stream of qualified graduates to help it function. One critical trend for 2021 and the future is the increasing prevalence of online learning in data science studies. This will allow more and more students to gain the qualifications they need via innovative online programs.

The online masters in data science from Kettering University is one such course. Not only is it 100% online and thus much more flexible to study, but it also contains everything graduates need to know when pursuing data science as a career. As programs like this continue to emerge, they are changing the face of data science education.

Kaggle to keep growing as a community 

Kaggle is an online data science community with around five million users in 194 countries; that number is expected to grow as we move ahead. This online community is perfect for expanding knowledge around machine learning, a key trend within data science. Users on Kaggle can post up the progress of their machine learning projects and collaborate with other data scientists globally and share data sets. 

Edge computing

One of the hottest trends in data science for 2021 and beyond is likely to be edge computing. This is based on computational stations and data storage being close to the topology edge, where data is consumed or analyzed. In essence, it is a lot safer to have data stored in a central location, far away from where the information is collected or accessed. Edge computing in data science also cuts down on data lag and helps reduce lost data transfer revenue. 

Will the above trends open new, exciting career opportunities in data science?

The answer to this question is yes. The above trends in data science for 2021 and beyond should certainly see new career paths emerge and help the sector develop into new areas. In addition, the expected growth of Kaggle, for example, may create greater chances to collaborate on exciting new projects or to network with other data scientists to access fresh job openings. 

Edge computing could well see new roles created in this area and open a new branch of data science. In addition, the online learning explosion could also play its part and help students access the best career opportunities. As a result, there seems no doubt that these trends will help data science to advance in the future.

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