Lawn Care Tips: Why Your Lawn is a Reflection of You and How to Care for It

By Staff Reporter - 15 Jun '21 11:56AM
  • Lawn Care Tips: Why Your Lawn is a Reflection of You and How to Care for It
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Homeowners take great pride and responsibility for their properties. Not only is the home itself a defining structure of who you are as a person, of your social status, personal style, and taste, but it is also the place that reflects who you are to the world around you. 

As our homes are a reflection of ourselves, we all want our homes to look the best in every way possible. And, one of the best ways to showcase our homes is through the exterior design as well as the landscaping. 

Perhaps the most effective way to enhance the appearance of your property is by ensuring that your lawn is kept in the best shape possible. For this task, you have several options to choose from that will ensure your lawn will be looking its best... an attribute that will get your property noticed. 

Choosing Grass

The type of grass you choose for your lawn is tied to the type of climate and soil in your region. Some soils are best for certain grasses, while correspondingly, your regional climate will dictate whether or not your grass will grow well in any soil.

If you live in a region with little rainfall or with a low groundwater budget, you're going to want a type of grass that is more resistant to drought. Bahai, Bermuda, and Buffalo grasses are all highly resistant to drought and are great because they all have a low to medium need for water. 

Additionally, choose a grass that is best for your climate. 

All in all, the two main types of grasses to consider are cool-season and warm-season grasses. Cool-season grasses originate in the north and grow rapidly in spring and fall, while warm-season grass has its origins in the south and grows best in hot weather. 

Caring for Your Lawn

Just like when caring for a garden, your lawn needs to be tended to with the same type of care. And, just as our favorite fruits and vegetables are susceptible to weed encroachment and pests, so is your lawn. 

You might think that using pesticide and weed killers are optional. But, before you use any of these products you should educate yourself on the possible dangers of using these chemicals. 

You should also note that many people consider filing lawsuits against companies that produce weed killers due to complications of cancer. In addition to this, spraying potentially dangerous products onto your lawn probably isn't the best solution to weed and pest problems. 

Using a rain gauge and saturation indicator are the best ways to tell how much water your lawn needs to stay healthy. And, simply pulling weeds and utilizing natural plants that deter invasive weed growth and pests, such as Marigolds, are much healthier alternatives for getting rid of weeds and pests. 

Trees and Shrubs

Landscaping is a great tool to enhance the beauty of your lawn. While using stone pavers, railroad ties, planters and pathways are a few ways to add style to your property, planting natural elements such as shrubs and trees is a great way to naturally landscape your lawn. 

Shrubs and bushes can be used not only to beautify your property but can also double as a dividing border along property lines. Many homeowners, instead of building fences, opt to plant hedgerows or lines of shrubbery to help divide or differentiate borders.

Hedges, bushes, and shrubs can be planted and pruned to a desirable shape. Whether or not you want to create a maze out of these is totally up to you, but with this being said, shrub placement and design are often considered an art. 

Trees should also be considered for natural shade, and to offer an aesthetically appealing touch to any property. 

When deciding how to care for your lawn, consider the style you want to express and what the lawn will be used for. If you have children, ensure that your grass will be durable and has a tough root system in order to better handle more foot traffic. 

No matter what you decide, remember that a lawn is just like a garden. And, without proper care, you won't be able to enjoy it to its fullest.

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