What Technology Companies Buy OOH Media in San Francisco?

By Staff Reporter - 29 May '21 13:50PM
  • What Technology Companies Buy OOH Media in San Francisco?
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Out-of-home, or OOH, media is one of the biggest trends and opportunities in advertising - and San Francisco is one of its largest markets.

OOH is any visual advertising found outside of a consumer's home, including billboards, signs, and ads on benches and subways. You've likely seen it every day in airports and trains or while routing for your favorite team in a stadium.

That's what makes San Francisco an ideal location for OOH. It's pedestrian-friendly and packed year-round with tourists. There's a major airport, numerous parks, sports stadiums, theaters, and more.

And it's a central hub for technology companies. Here's a look at some tech companies taking advantage of OOH advertising In San Francisco.


San Francisco is the fourth largest city in California, with a population nearing 900,000. That means a lot of demand for groceries for this order-and-delivery company. Instacart used an OOH campaign in the metro area's Bay Area Rapid Transit platforms to promote the brand and advertise job openings and celebrate its place in the Bay Area.


Apple is headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., about 45 minutes outside of San Francisco. Apple billboards are particularly prevalent in the city, incredibly inventive and visually stunning ones showcasing the company's latest computer and phone roll-outs. The brand also frequently advertises on the city's plentiful bus shelters.


The software company, one of many based in San Francisco, uses billboard advertising that's a distinct vintage postcard look to convey how much it loves the city. It also uses 3D lettering with LED lightboxes and a printing technology that lets the colors change from day to the night.


The Apple rival is also based in San Francisco, in Mountain Valley, Calif. Its Bay Area advertising is minimalistic but evokes the sleekness and style of the brand, including billboards that simply state "Google. San Francisco."


Yes, another San Francisco-based company. Uber, which offers ride-hailing and goods delivery services, smartly uses OOH advertising on top of its drivers' cars. It first launched in cities out of San Francisco, but the ads have been spotted now in the Bay Area.


Microsoft launched many billboard ads on the city's iconic cable cars to promote its partnership with the open-source mobile app platform Xamarin, promising faster applications.

Fun fact: Cable cars typically average about 10 miles per hour. But the OOH advertising here is strategic.

Cable cars are uniquely San Francisco, and tourists and citizens alike take pride in riding them in and around the thick of the city.


Bus shelter advertising doesn't need to be static.

Adobe is behind an interactive "game" ad that's hi-tech and lots of fun, promoting the ease and ubiquity of the company's EchoSign document signing platform.

Those interacting with the billboard can even take a photo on the screen and see where their game score ranks on the leader board.


The San Francisco-based software company may not be a household name compared to some of its competitors, but it has a giant (or we should say "Giant") OOH advertising presence in its hometown.

Workday is among the many companies digitally advertising in Oracle Park, the home to Major League Baseball's San Francisco Giants. It's stark, simple, and effective.


Uber's main competition is taking a page from its rival.

A series of distinct pink Lyft advertisements are placed atop the convoy of its drivers' cars in and around the city.

Lyft also frequently used billboard space in the Bay Area in and around busy pedestrian areas and areas that tourists visit.

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