The Secret to Keeping a Green Lawn

By Staff Reporter - 18 May '21 13:31PM
  • The Secret to Keeping a Green Lawn
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Spring has sprung and so begins the rush to be outside where we can enjoy a sun kissed breeze. Afterall, there's nothing better than stepping out into the warm air and sweet smells of nature in bloom as we shake off the frost from winter. Hopes are high with fun filled Spring activities to look forward to, until the metaphorical rug gets pulled out from under you when you look down and see a dull, brown lawn.  

Just like an unwanted guest, you know that brown grass is here to stay until you do something about it. As current times are asking us to spend our time socially distant at home, there's no time like the present to take care of that pesky brown lawn. 

Best of all, there's a secret to make keeping a green lawn as smooth as a summer breeze! 

Is Your Grass Dead or Dormant? 

Before you can start using the secret to keep a green lawn, you have to figure out if your grass is dead or dormant. The easiest way to tell what state your lawn is in is to do a "tug test" with your grass. To do a tug test, simply try and pull a blade of grass out from your lawn. 

Dead grass blades will pull out easily with little to no effort, which means the grass has lost its rooting. Unfortunately, if your tug test reveals the grass is dead there's no way for it to be revived to its former green glory. In other words, it's time to rake up that dead lawn until it's just soil and start over by spreading new grass seed all over that freshly tilled soil.  

On the other hand, dormant grass blades still have a chance to be saved and restored into a lush green lawn. Dormant grass will take effort to uproot when doing the tug test, because the grass blades are still holding on to their roots. Since revival is a possibility, the next step is to find out why your lawn is dormant and what options can help revitalize grass green just in time for summer.  

What Causes Dormant Grass? 

The ideal scenario for dormant grass is that it is simply waking up after being dormant during the winter. Typically, the entire lawn will be brown, and you just need to wait for the grass to naturally wake up. However, a completely brown lawn can also mean:

  • The grass is dehydrated from lack of watering

  • The temperature is dehydrating the grass 

  • The grass is being overwatered 

The good news, the secret for how to keep a green lawn will solve all those issues causing your grass to brown. The secret is to invest in a sprinkler system and put your lawn maintenance on autopilot. Installing a sprinkler system is the easiest way to ensure your lawn always gets the perfect watering at the precise time for absorption in your local climate. 

The secret's out and now it's time to restore your lawn to its former green glory! 

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