Hit and Run Claim Lawyers

By Staff Reporter - 17 May '21 19:39PM
  • Hit and Run Claim Lawyers
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Car accidents can be scary events, no matter how serious they are. Apart from the trauma and injuries you may have suffered, you have to start considering the legal process you will have to go through.

If you've been involved in an accident you should contact a car accident lawyer at diamondlaw.ca in Toronto, Canada, as soon as you can.

They operate on a contingency fee basis so will only charge you if and when they win your case. Their fee is a percentage of the final settlement.

Advantages of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer 

- He/she will know your legal rights as well as your state's laws and advise you on the unique legal issues related to hit and run accidents. These being significant criminal consequences for the runner and often complications for the victim.
- He/she will gather evidence for you.
- He/she will work with insurance companies (who tend to minimize compensation) on your behalf. If an insurer is offering you a minimal settlement or refusing to pay at all a company like Diamond and Diamond has personal injury lawyers who can do the negotiating for a favorable settlement, or file an injury lawsuit for you.

What Are The Unique Circumstances Of Hit and Run Accidents?

In ordinary traffic accidents, emergency services need to be contacted and when the accident is more serious the police need to be summoned to the scene. The obligation is also that those involved in the accident need to stop and remain at the scene.


The plaintiff of a hit and run accident can claim punitive damages. These are available when the person being sued intentionally or recklessly causes harm or acts in a shocking or reprehensible manner.

The plaintiff is entitled to compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, and other costs incurred because of the accident.

Medical expenses can be awarded for the following:

- Bruising and broken bones
- Whiplash
- Airbag injuries
- Strains and sprains
- Head, neck, and spinal injuries
- Torn ligaments and tendons
- Traumatic brain injuries or concussion
- Lacerations and scarring
- Death

The punitive damages are also paid on a means test so are larger if the defendant is richer and vice versa. 

These damages are designed to punish and prevent bad behavior and serve as a warning to others.

Fleeing the scene is always seen as an intentional act that justifies punitive damages.

The reasons for fleeing an accident scene could be any of the following:

- Uninsured
- Drunk driving
- Afraid to lose license because of past offenses
- Driving without a license or a suspended license
- Driving a stolen or borrowed vehicle
- In possession of stolen goods or drugs

If someone flees after a motorcycle accident it is seen as more morally blameworthy as there are more likely to be severe injuries. This can lead to high punitive damages being awarded.

The criminal penalties for fleeing the scene of an accident can range from a misdemeanor (a minor offense) to a felony (which is a lot more serious). Here you could be facing a criminal conviction and a jail term.

Unfortunately, it is often the victim of a hit and run accident who is forced to claim from their own insurance companies for medical expenses, etc. This is where a car accident lawyer can step in and help.

Unless the running driver can be found through witness identification of their license plate, video footage from the accident scene, by turning themselves in, etc, there is no way to make him/her accountable.


Hit and run car accidents are extremely stressful and can be complicated to resolve. Getting an experienced personal injury lawyer makes the process a lot smoother and will resolve the matter a lot quicker.

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