How to Find the Owner of a Business

By Staff Reporter - 03 May '21 11:03AM
  • How to Find the Owner of a Business
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There are several ways to find the owner of a business. Moreover, there are certain logical steps to take to successfully find a business owner.  A business owner's information is often available online. If their name is not available directly on the website, there are other ways to approach finding the answer. Anyone can search for people online. Also, it's an option to contact a business directly. Here are more details about how to find an owner of a business. 

Their Website

The majority of businesses have a website because the public expects to find information about them online. Therefore, a business will often have a page called "About Us" that has information about the people involved. Typically, the "About Us" page will mention the owner. Some websites will also have a picture of the business owner with their bio attached. 

Even if the website does not specify the name of the business owner, there is generally a Contact Us page. It's common for the contact page to have either an email address or a contact form. Therefore, someone can inquire about the owner through the website or over email. On top of that, there is sometimes a chat option on a business's website. Consequently, you can use it to ask a representative for the relevant information.

Running a General Search

Aside from visiting the website, a person can directly use a search engine to look up a business owner. The majority of people use Google because it ranks its search results. Therefore, you can simply use the keywords "owner of," paired with the business name. If that step does not yield the relevant results, the next step is to use social media. In fact, you can enter "owner of [insert the business name]" and the name of a specific social media platform into the search engine. This type of search could lead you to the business's social media accounts.

Social Media

It's common for businesses to have a LinkedIn page. Therefore, you might be able to find a business owner's name under the section "People." In addition, the owner may have a LinkedIn profile. A business owner can use a LinkedIn page to network or recruit. However, the owner of a well-established business may not rely on a LinkedIn profile. Therefore, using a networking app such as LinkedIn may not always be the most efficient or reliable way to find the owner.

When using LinkedIn, the person who owns the page can see who visits their profile. If a person uses his or her LinkedIn profile to look up information on a page, the owner will receive a notification. Therefore, if a person anonymously wants to find a business owner, it's best to take a different approach. For instance, you could delegate this task to someone who does not mind that the owner sees that he or she visited the page.

Business owners will often set up a business profile on social media. In addition, business profiles are available to the public. While it will prove easy to locate a business page on a social media app, it may not prove easy to find the name of the owner. Perhaps, the business owner may want to keep a low profile and simply promote the business. In that case, you would need to search elsewhere. 

Places Where the Business is Registered

A business owner will need to officially register their business. Moreover, the owner may need to register for specific licenses. Finally, they will even need to register for the website's domain. Therefore, it is possible to search for public records to find the relevant information pertaining to a business owner. However, the business owner may take steps to protect his or her privacy.

Over the Phone or in Person 

If you are not able to find the answer through an online search, it's entirely reasonable to contact the business directly. As such, you can call the business number listed and ask for the owner. Moreover, you can also stop by the office headquarters in person and ask to speak to the business owner face-to-face. 

There are many places online to out who owns a business. Sometimes, you will need to work through the various options to find the answer. If all fails, you can approach the business in person to find the information you need. 

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