The Digital Rookie Of The Year Comes With A Group Of All-Stars

By Staff Reporter - 01 Apr '21 11:23AM
  • The Digital Rookie Of The Year Comes With A Group Of All-Stars
  • (Photo : The Digital Rookie Of The Year Comes With A Group Of All-Stars)

One positive experience at a time - the slogan of Poppins, a group of digital branding elites, that gathered to establish the agency over the last year. The potential to lead brands to the forefront of digital movements and engagement starts with an understanding for the brand's identity. That's what Poppins excels at and CEO Maani Safa has selected a high profile team.

"Products And Services Can Have A Grand Impact On The Lives Of People."

This is the thought process each member of Poppins have. The staff that is consistently growing each month, understands this approach. Each product has a specific vibe, an appeal to it. Its their duty to find this unique aspect to promote it. However, profit-making is not the primary endeavor. Poppins aims to find those that aim for a health, wellness or environment-friendly approach to their products and services. 

"We Believe That We Have A Responsibility To Make The Experience Positive." 

Maani Safa is an award-winning creative technology expert who has worked with globally successful brands and digital agencies. His portfolio includes Audi, BurBerry and DeBeers to name a few giants in the industry. The pioneer excels in digital business transformation.

Safa was one of the first to acknowledge the essential character of digital devices today and has been proving brands the urgency of a smooth and natural transition to the digital playgrounds for years. He knows that the the digital experiences should be playful, easy and as natural as possible. Any promotion, advertisement or brand and product introduction should feel organic and in-sync with the everyday life of a person. 

With this thought process, he created Poppins and found like minded elites that work with him to become the game-changers of the industry. They are redefining the standards of engagement and interaction with the audience at a global scale.

"Digitally Handcrafted - That's Our Signature Motto." 

The name Poppins is derived from Mary Poppins. Poppins isn't just another agency, it works with the company like its carer. They prioritize clients and practice a customer-centric approach. However, they also look at the bigger picture like their impact on the world. 

Thus, they infuse magic into each campaign through their digital excellence, cutting edge methodologies and revolutionary approach. The team is consistently looking for new ways to invoke joyful engagement in their strategies for thriving results. 

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