Meaningful Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

By Staff Reporter - 18 Mar '21 09:41AM

Planning a wedding ceremony can be challenging, which is why so many couples get help from the family and friends or hire a professional wedding planner to manage the process. According to a study, 27 percent of couples who are getting married hire a wedding or event planner for their big day. While most wedding industry professionals will work with couples to ensure that they have a wedding that looks and feels like them, it's perfectly fine to break away from expectations so you can have a wedding that is uniquely yours. If you're tying the knot this year, consider these meaningful ways to personalize your wedding.

Break away from tradition

When planning a wedding, make sure to choose the things that matter to you, and don't decide on things simply because you're expected to do or have them on your wedding day. For instance, while changing your last name is a traditional way to symbolize commitment, there's also the option of combining your last names so both of you can cement your togetherness while standing by your progressive beliefs. This is a popular option among same sex couples, although more heterosexual couples have also started combining their last names over recent years. However, if you decide to stick with tradition with regards to last names, there are other ways that you can personalize your wedding. Wearing a wedding gown in your favorite color, donning a brightly colored suit, or having a theme for your big day can also make your day uniquely yours. 

The little details matter

Personalizing your wedding doesn't always have to involve a big production or a grand gesture. You can make your nuptials special by including little details that mean a lot to you and your partner. For instance, instead of playing the Wedding March, you can walk down the aisle to your favorite song. And, instead of an impersonal wedding favor, give your guests a few things that matter to you, such as a small bag of coffee from the coffee shop where you first met, or a scented candle from the shop where you had that meet-cute moment with your partner. 

Make your reception fun

If a seated dinner isn't really your style, then have a different type of wedding reception that will be fun for you and your guests. Consider having cocktail-style dinners, or have a nightclub setup to encourage your guests to get on the floor and dance. You may also want to have a Coachella-style reception by having it outdoors. Have your loved ones perform, and have a few food trucks in the area so your guests can help themselves to yummy treats while celebrating your big day.

Your wedding should be all about you and your partner. Consider these ideas to personalize your wedding and make it more meaningful and memorable for you and all of your loved ones.  

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