4 Products Moms Can't Live Without

By Staff Reporter - 11 Mar '21 14:01PM
  • 4 Products Moms Can't Live Without
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As much as we love our children, they can make completing our to-do list downright impossible between asking for a snack to being bored and everything in between. 

We're forced to pick and choose what we can do based on their specific needs. Folding the laundry when they are napping, so it stays folded or vacuuming while they are eating lunch, so they don't wrap themselves up in the cord.

We have Pinterest folders filled with ways to be a better parent, crafts, organization techniques, kid-friendly and quick meals, and ways to keep them busy. Let's face it, everything about our lives revolves around our kids, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

We used to make purchases based on what we wanted, but now we invest in things that will save us time and make our lives easier. 

Here are some things that every parent needs to invest in, 

Cordless Vacuum

We don't have a lot of time to get everything done that we need to, and vacuuming is probably the last thing that we worry about. It's super inconvenient to get the vacuum out, unravel the cord, plug it in and maneuver around things. That vacuum will stay plugged in with the cord unraveled for days. After all, we're getting distracted every 3 seconds for some reason or another!

A cordless takes all of those extra steps out of the equation and provides us with a quick and stress-free way to get the vacuuming done. Cleaning up after lunchtime with your toddler or preschooler is super simple. 


Alexa is like having a free babysitter that reads books. Plays requests for songs to dance and sing along to. There are literally hours of fun and amusement for the kids, giving you the much needed time to get the bathroom cleaned for bath time. Have them ask her to beatbox for them. 

And what makes Alexa even better is that there's no screen time involved; she's all about communication. 

But there's more to her than just free babysitting. She will literally help you build shopping lists, set reminders to your calendar, set timers for timeouts, and create to-do lists by simply saying her name and shouting your demands. It's the simple things, and if we don't do these things while we're thinking about them, they will never happen. Who has the time to stop what they are doing to grab a piece of paper and find a pen to create a list.

Toothpaste Tablets

Walking into the bathroom after your child brushes their teeth will increase your blood pressure and heart rate. Toothpaste and children just don't go together; it seems as though they get toothpaste everywhere possible except on their toothbrushes.  

If you haven't heard of toothpaste tablets, you're about to ask Alexa to put it on your shopping list. These things totally eliminate tubes and the mess that they make.

Reusable water bottles

There's something about walking into a room and seeing a ton of half-filled drinks and nobody taking the blame. The only explanation would be that someone broke into your home, used a bunch of your cups, and then left. 

Buying your kids their own reusable water bottle takes the guessing out of the culprits and keeps their drink cold for a long time. Plus, there are many health and environmental benefits to using these over plastic water bottles and cups. 

Let's face it; there are days when we're unable to go to the bathroom alone, we forget to brush our teeth and using dental lace is darn near impossible. Being a parent is by far one of the most challenging things we will ever do, but it's also the most rewarding. It's why we try so hard to find quality time to spend with them, fight to keep them from rotting their brains with too much screen time and video games and look for ways to get them to eat the right foods.

Making our lives easier, saving money, and making time are part of being a good parent. And if we can find ways or things that will give us the ability to keep our house cleaner, keep our kids healthy and make our lives easier, it's like hitting a gold mine. 

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4 Products Moms Can't Live Without

4 Products Moms Can't Live Without

11 Mar '21 14:01PM

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