Maintenance Checklist for Spring

By Staff Reporter - 25 Feb '21 15:04PM
  • Maintenance Checklist for Spring
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Just like the weather affects our skin and health, it also affects the condition of our homes. Each season requires some form of maintenance to ensure your home remains in excellent condition.

So, as you make appointments to go for a regular physical or dental check-up, make a point of checking the various external parts of your home to avoid unexpected repairs. 

Spring's a season when everyone feels the urge to be outside and also do some spring cleaning. It's a good time to check out how the cold weather affected the exterior of your home. 

Here a few tasks you can do:

Inspect Your Roof

Without climbing on your roof, you'll be able to see if there are any loose, damaged, or missing shingles. It's always good to have your roof assessed after the storms of winter; Spring is a great time to schedule a visit from a roofing specialist.

The downspouts and gutters should also be inspected for debris or to check if they're cracked or loose.


During winter, we make excessive use of fireplaces, which results in a build-up of creosote residue. If not cleaned, it can lead to your house catching fire. Although there isn't a specific time to clean a chimney, it's recommended that you clean it, primarily after you've used it often over a certain period.

Windows and External Doors

The harsh winter weather can sometimes cause havoc on the windows and doors. Double-check to ensure that the seals are still intact on your windows and weatherstrip any leaky doors.

Deck Maintenance

Depending on how bad your winter was, there might be some boards on your deck that could've loosened. This is also a perfect time to clean and stain your deck, especially if it's looking a bit worn. After that, you can reseal it.


There could be some debris or leaves in your garden that needs removal or lawns that need trimming. Some flowers will start to bloom, so it would be advisable to remove any weeds cluttering your flower beds.

If there are any huge shrubs or trees, you might need to trim them down a bit. Ensure that tree branches aren't near your roof as they could cause damage.

Sprinkler System

Blow out your sprinkler system and double-check all exterior faucets for leakages.


Once you've done a detailed check of the outside of your house, you can then move inside, where there might also be some items that need attention. One of them could be your air conditioning system; have it serviced to ensure it's in working condition for summer.

Take Away

It's safe to say that spring's an excellent time to give your house some attention. Many areas outside can get neglected during winter and spring allows us to fix this. 

From your roof, chimney, and windows, to your garden and deck, make the most of this time so you can enjoy your summer without doing any unnecessary chores.

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