4 Trends in Fleet Management

By Staff Reporter - 17 Feb '21 20:42PM
  • 4 Trends in Fleet Management
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Fleet management involves caring for your company's vehicles to ensure you get the most from them. Some of the emerging trends include dispatch tools and better camera systems.

Better Camera Systems

Better cameras mean your systems remain safer. Today's companies have chosen video telematics. They can create strategies to monitor employee behavior in the cab and on the road. Cameras from brands like Samsara AI Dash Cams can protect your drivers while lowering costs. They offer preventative in-cab coaching and real-time incident detection. Some cameras can capture high-resolution audio and video in your vehicles to ensure you drive safer. 

They can monitor and record your asset data during any incidents on the road. Many combine artificial intelligence, video, and other technology to offer suggestions on best practices. That way, it can catch potentially risky habits before they cause drivers to crash the vehicle. Some video systems offer 360 views for commercial vehicles. You can get a video on-demand and view it when necessary. A few systems trigger recording if there is a harsh incident such as a crash. Then you can view the video and engine data together to see what happened.

Dispatch and Routing Tools 

Today, connected fleets are more flexible, and some solutions include enabling managers to cancel or assign jobs from anywhere. You can use these tools to optimize your routing processes.  Some solutions let you optimize your routes before you dispatch them to your driver's devices. Others allow you to optimize the route, and you can guide your drivers based on service time, weather, and the number of stops. Managers can learn where the vehicles are in real-time, comparing the completed routes to the planned ones.

Greater Use of Telematics Tools

Telematics lets you learn everything from drivers' speeds, whether they have seatbelts on, and how hard they are hitting the brakes or gas. Telematics allowed you to determine diagnostic data in real-time. You can see how healthy your vehicles are and choose if your employees are driving well. Today's trends involve integrating artificial intelligence, voice capabilities, and data analytics. 

It lets fleet owners communicate with the other stakeholders, such as customers and managers. The advantages include things like increased productivity. For instance, you can learn about the roads your drivers are using and see if they are taking the most efficient routes. Telematics also improves the safety of your employees and the general public. Fleet managers need to be able to check on employees as soon as they can. That way, insurers can measure risk and monitor driver behavior.

Automated Vehicles

An exciting trend is automated vehicle technology. Today, it's no longer limited to the drawing boards, and you might start to see more autonomous vehicles on the roads in the future. Technology like 5G, GPS tracking, and Wi-Fi combine to allow vehicles to connect and communicate. Someday soon, connected fleets might be able to identify, detect, and diagnose any issues that inhibit a fleet's efficiency. Many accidents happen because of driver error, and this trend might help prevent that issue.

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