Garden Party: 5 Essential Steps In Starting A Flower Garden For Beginners

By Staff Reporter - 27 Jan '21 11:08AM
  • Garden Party: 5 Essential Steps In Starting A Flower Garden For Beginners
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Ever dreamt of growing your flower garden? Admit it; you feel envious whenever you see an attractive backyard on TV. Flowers have a way of stirring up emotions inside us. Comfort, peace, tranquility, you name it; that is the charm of the petal power. 

Dream no more! With the proper knowledge at hand, everybody can be a green thumb. What are you waiting for? Wear your gloves. Pour your creative juices in your rakes and shovels. Dig into these beginner-friendly steps and start our gardening journey now: 

Determine What Flowers You Want to Grow

Think of your favorite flowers. Which one of them do you want to grow first? Are they suitable for your location's weather conditions? These are only some of the concerns you would want to ask yourself before starting your desired flower garden.

In deciding what type of flowers to grow in your garden, be sure to know the basic types of flowering plants. They are called annuals and perennials. Annuals' life cycle only lasts through one growing season then dies. Perennials thrive in several growing seasons. Their root systems persist underground for approximately two years or so.

One example of an annual flowering plant is Marigold. This flowering plant only grows throughout the summer season. As for perennials, one good example would be anemones. They are considered one because anemone flowers bloom from spring to fall. Have you got something in mind already?

Choose the Correct Spot 

Observe your lot first. Most, if not all, flowers require about six to 8 hours of sunlight every single day. Look for an area where your flowers can receive the appropriate amount of shade they need to grow. Remember that flowers get their nutrients in sunlight. You don't want your plants to starve.

Also, check if your yard is near a water source. This way, you won't be having problems on how to regularly water your flowers. You might want to check if the soil is good enough for gardening. It is advisable not to skip this step if you want to achieve your desired goal of growing a beautiful flowering garden. 

One helpful tip in choosing the right spot for your flowering plants: always pick a flat spot. Starting your garden on a slope will give you a harder time as a beginner. Dealing with this kind of area will also consume a lot of your time and budget.

Choose Between Growing Seeds Or Buying Plants

You have two ways of getting the flowers you want to grow in your garden: grow flower seeds or buy flower plants. Take note that you can do both ways depending on your location's weather conditions. 

If it is still winter, you probably have enough time to prepare your landscape for some vibrant-colored flowers. Save yourself some money and opt to buy flower seeds. It is therapeutic watching them grow. Expect to cure your winter blues with these budding buddies!

But if you're in a rush, or prefer to nurture plants from your garden center, then grab your purse and shop now. Only be sure to do enough research on how to take care of them. You wouldn't want to see your plants dying right after buying them. 

Start Planting 

After all your hard work in planning your dream flower garden, prepare to finally make it happen. It's time to get growing! Get your rake and shovel and start loosening your soil. Create holes that are big enough for your plants. 

You may think of spreading some compost and animal manure to your soil. It is a good idea, but this has to be done a week before you start planting. If you fail to do so, you will be placing your plants under extreme stress.

Be certain what kind of soil your flowering plants need. The soil will be their permanent home. You will want to make sure they are comfortable in it, or else these flowers will be gone in no time. Clear out the weeds that might become their competition when it comes to food and shelter. 

Care For Your Plants

Like kids or pets, taking care of your plants is everyday work and a lifetime responsibility. You can't just leave them after planting them in your backyard. Watering your flowers is one of the things you should do as a gardener. 

Take note of this: weeds will always be there. No matter how often you expel them, they still live. So, to minimize their number, you can use mulch varieties or weed them out by hand. Do whatever suits your flower garden. Your flowers will thank you later.


Gardening is a tedious task. In the process, you might think of giving up and leave your yard unfinished. But when you love what you are doing, all the hurdles will only pass you like an easy breeze. And what's not to love in gardening? When your flowers start to bloom, you will look back to your journey and say that everything's worth it.

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