Simple Yet Effective Ways to Secure Your House

By Staff Reporter - 14 Jan '21 15:12PM
  • Simple Yet Effective Ways to Secure Your House
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Your home is where you spend time with your family, consume entertainment, relax, and recharge your batteries. Essentially, it's your place of Zen. If your home is broken into, it can send shockwaves through your senses. It can take a long time to get over a break-in, but you never truly get over it.

To save yourself from the stress of a break-in, be proactive and take the following steps to secure your house: 

Lock Everything

While locking your doors might seem like an obvious step, you'll be surprised to learn that 25% of people don't lock their front doors. With most thieves completing burglaries in less than 10 minutes, it's critical to lock your front door before an intruder walks through the front door. 

Aside from locking your front door, you should also enhance your door lock. If you've moved into a new home, then you should certainly install a new door lock. In addition, add a deadbolt or two to secure your lock further. If you're looking for high-tech solutions, try a smart lock and add a video doorbell that you can monitor from your home or your smartphone.

Keep your rear and garage door locked too. If you keep your car outside at night, ensure that it doesn't carry your garage door clicker. Otherwise, a thief only has to break into your vehicle to get inside your home. 

Many crooks prefer to break through sliding doors, so secure them with a bolt and a door sensor. Alternatively, add a bolt to the track to secure it further. 

Likewise, lock your windows when you're not home with a lock that's more sophisticated than latches. If burglaries are an issue in your neighbourhood, then add security bars to your windows. While security bars aren't attractive, they get the job done. 

Use a Home Security System

A home security system package with sensors, detectors, alarms, and security cameras can be an excellent option for home security. To gain the latest information on home security systems - visit the gurus of protection, Security Picks, for expertly written guides.  

If you have some mechanical skills, you can even manage it yourself; however, it's best to hire a professional to complete the installation. 

Of course, carry out a background check on the security company before you hire them. It's best to go with a team of reputable professionals because amateurs can also be the source of security breaches. 

Remember, if your security system uses your home Internet connection, then you must secure your WiFi network or risk a breach from anywhere in the neighbourhood. Go to your router settings, enable the highest encryption, enable your WiFi and operating system firewalls, and set a sophisticated password for your network. 

Add Lighting 

Burglars are always on the lookout for dimly lit properties. Install good outdoor lighting to ensure that your porch, paths, yards, and backdoor are well lit. To save energy bills, use motion sensors, so the lights only activate when there's movement. 

Your home is your sanctuary. With some simple yet necessary steps, you can enhance your house's security and continue to feel safe inside. 

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