Several Areas in Which HR Can Affect Organizational Culture Positively or Negatively

By Staff Reporter - 22 Dec '20 13:30PM
  • Several Areas in Which HR Can Affect Organizational Culture Positively or Negatively
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Organizational culture plays a massive part in the maintenance of an efficient and smooth-functioning office. 

The employees must have a safe and comfortable workplace if they have to keep working there for a long time. 

The HR department has been blessed with the invention of software like Talenteria that will make their job ten times easier.

A lot of companies do not pay much attention to in-office relations or the workplace environment. They do not realize how grave an impact a disruptive office can have on its workflow. 

However, companies that put extra effort into a well-maintained office's sustenance witness their employees' growth and steep success. 

Taking action on employee engagement 

It is inevitable for the employees to gradually develop a relationship amongst themselves, be it professional or personal. However, it is observed, in some cases, it takes them too much to break the ice. Employee engagement serves the sole purpose of helping the candidates to get to know each other better. 

Activities like celebrating different traditions or planning a trip together help them bond. A better bond builds understanding, which ultimately contributes to maintaining a positive organizational culture. 

Resolving conflict 

Conflict resolution and employee engagement can be called two sides of the same coin. Employee engagement can prevent any conflict, but if the dispute is ot resolved, then engaging the employees will bear no fruit. 

Thus, it is of utter importance to take the conflicts seriously and act on them before they take up a more oversized shape. 

If you know two employees who seem to have a feud with each other, you can take the responsibility to take to them both and solve the issue. If no other option works, then the best way to bid farewell to the conflict is to issue a transfer for one of the two employees. 

Updating the policies as the situation demands 

With up-to-date policies, the employees observe that the company shows concern. The employees do not feel powerless in an office that accommodates more than 250 people. 

One other way an HR specialist can consolidate their sense of safety is by actually investing their time in a case. 

If a person violates their code of conduct privilege, then you must take action on that and not let them go. By doing that, you will be setting a precedent that you do not take unjust behavior lightly. 

Not only will they abide by the strict policies set by the company, but they will also know that the company will protect them when they are at a wit's end. 

Some important policies that are essential to include are: 

- Equal opportunity policy 

- Employee health and safety policy

- Code of Conduct policy 

- Disciplinary action policy

- Anti-Discriminatory policy 

- Leave of Absence policy 

- Privacy policy 

Guiding the employees

Every HR department organizes a quarterly or monthly analysis to record the areas where an employee faces difficulty or the places where they need help. Then, they arrange a session for every individual and talk about what stresses them. 

Many employees are in a  dilemma regarding whether to pursue further education or the kind of job they want to continue with.  An HR specialist counsels them through these fixes. 

If the employees continue to be in a quandary, it will affect their everyday job and give rise to obstacles in the efficiency and productivity of the workplace. Thus, by providing professional or personal counsel to the employees, an HR manager helps the individual and the company. 

So, these were some of the crucial aspects that an HR employee's job entails. 

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