How Do Fashion Students Want The Industry To Change?

By Staff Reporter - 11 Jun '20 01:11AM
  • How Do Fashion Students Want The Industry To Change?
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Fashion is one of the biggest industries in the US. It implies millions of workers and brings almost $400 billion every year. Indeed, it attracts a lot of young people who don't want to follow old rules and want to change the industry. 

Reasons Why the Industry Needs Changes

Why does fashion change is required? Keep on reading the post and find an answer to this question.

Apparel Desing Rethink

Almost all fashion students report that the clothes industry is outdated and needs a take a fresh breath. Apparel companies use old design and provide minor changes in every new collection. The students want the industry to make a turnaround and start producing cool garments. 

Eco-Friendly Fashion

The apparel production industry is one of the most significant polluters. Fashion students want to focus on the environment and start creating factories that are friendly to the environment. Natural materials and renewable energy are the primary components of eco-friendly apparel production. 

War with Marketing

A designer's skill worth nothing these days. Only promotion campaigns can make a new collection trendy. Fashion students want to change the rules of this game and provide all designers with equal opportunities. Strong knowledge in economics and mathematics is required to achieve this aim. Therefore, if you use an accounting homework helper platform while studying in college, you have to start focusing on education. 

Social Equity

The fashion industry is not only clothes stores in malls. It is also harvest growing and apparel production businesses. To save money, a lot of manufacturers build their factories in third-world countries and pay the lowest wage to local workers. Moreover, their working conditions are far from US standards. Therefore, fashion students want to provide everyone who works on creating a garment with decent paid income.  

More Fun and Glamour

As newcomers in the fashion industry report that it is very boring and severe these days. Fashion students want to make the industry more engaging and bright. It will help to create closes that highlight the identity of every person. 

How will Fashion Students Change It

Unfortunately, it's impossible to change the industry by presenting a mind-blowing idea only. Those fashion students who want to change the industry should have a well-thought-out plan on how to achieve their aims. Let's check how fashion students are going to change the industry. 

Fashion Philosophy Change

For starters, they want to change consumers' minds by making all the problems in the industry public. They are not afraid to confirm that apparel factories make nature and animals suffering. 

Also, they want to convince customers not to purchase the garment that they don't need. People should buy clothes that highlight their identity. However, they need to stop following trends and purchasing new clothes because a celebrity promotes them. 

New Vision 

To breathe life into the industry, fashion students want to re-consider the modern trends and create new collections of clothes that don't follow any standards. An unpolished look helps to make all the necessary changes and lead the industry to success. 

Modern Materials

Fashion students don't want to limit their creativity by the most popular materials only. They want to experiment with new components. They are not afraid to use hemp fiber, plastic, rubber, and combine all the elements to create jaw-dropping apparel.

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To take the industry on a new level, fashion students always use the latest technologies, creating a garment. For instance, they widely use 3D printers to create unique and eye-catching decorations that enhance their masterpieces. 

Is it Possible to Change the Industry?

Doubtless, it is a challenging task to change the multi-billion apparel industry. However, if all fashion students will gather together and deliver their ideas to consumers, they can make a turnaround in the industry.

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