How to Become a Source of Optimism during Coronavirus

By Staff Reporter - 26 May '20 14:37PM
  • How to Become a Source of Optimism during Coronavirus
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When the news says that all seems gloom and doom during the coronavirus pandemic, some people opt to be the source of optimism for others. Even a minor act of sharing a funny message with a shrug emoji can brighten the life of a person that feels bored, lonely, or overwhelmed. Today, people are using emojis in digital communication to stay positive. 

Nevertheless, people can do more than this to stay positive and be sources of optimism during this pandemic. Here are some of the ways you can become a source of optimism during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Consider Your Meaning and Purpose in Life

Many people have been forced to reconsider their meaning and purpose in life. Purpose gives a person a sense. This is an important aspect of personal fulfillment. Spirituality and religion can also provide this sense. Raising children, ethically-based work, and volunteering for a worthy cause can also bring meaning and purpose into the life of a person. 

Although possessions can bring pleasure, life meaning is emotional and more profound. So, to be a source of optimism during this difficult time, consider your meaning and purpose in life. Let people know what you do to remain positive even when the coronavirus pandemic seems to bring the world to a halt. 

This can make you a source of optimism for people that feel like life has lost meaning. Some people may not see the purpose of life, especially those who have lost their jobs or businesses due to lockdowns. Thus, showing such people what gives life meaning and purpose by sharing short videos on social media can make you their source of optimism. 

Maintain Positive Emotions 

Happiness comes from positive emotions. Focusing on your positive emotions can make you a source of optimism for another person during the coronavirus pandemic. And, positive emotions are not just about smiling. It's more of the ability to stay positive and optimistic when faced with difficult situations. 

Maintaining positive emotions may be challenging at this time when there is nothing much to be optimistic about. However, you can do this by avoiding negative news on mainstream and social media. You can also focus your attention on your family, home, and the people you have in life. 

Take your time to do things that bring you joy every day. This can be talking to a friend remotely, making coffee at home, or doing domestic chores. You can even take a different perspective on a task like cooking. Though this might seem simple, it can bring positive emotions in you and make you a source of optimism for other family members. 

Stay Engaged 

Engagement is difficult at a time when people are being encouraged to self-isolate. However, you can still be part of highly-engaging activities that prompt the body to produce positive hormones. Such activities can include jogging in the neighborhood, singing, writing a proposal or report, reading an informative book or research report, or listening to interesting materials. 

When the body releases positive hormones, the well-being sense is elevated. This is what musicians and athletes call the flow. And, it's in this flow that people find calmness, engagement, joy, and focus. When you enjoy this flow, you can become a source of optimism for a family member or neighbor that doesn't anything to be positive about during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Activities like playing instruments, singing, and exercising can bring satisfaction and focus. They can also stretch your skills, intelligence, and emotional capabilities. 

Maintain Your Relationships 

Preliminary research shows that social distancing is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of coronavirus. However, social distancing makes establishing and maintaining relationships difficult. But, social connections remain crucial when it comes to finding purpose and meaning in life. Naturally, humans thrive on social interactions that promote emotional reactions like intimate friendship and love. 

Some people have home and work interconnections that take place face-to-face. This may seem possible at a time when people are being urged to self-isolate. Nevertheless, the existing relationships shouldn't suffer because of this. People can still maintain relationships and become sources of optimism for those they share those interconnections with. 

For instance, people can use social media to nurture relationships. Digital communication can be used to show love and kindness. Essentially, people can be distanced physically but stay connected emotionally. Making sure that you always reach out to your loved ones via social media or phone can make you a great source of optimism for them. 

Talking to somebody over the phone or chatting with them on social media can make bring them a sense of belonging. This can, in turn, make them feel valued and safe. Feeling loved is a positive emotion that can elevate the mood of a person. 

Think About Accomplishments 

Accomplishing something is an important aspect of living positively, flourishing, and being happy. Regardless of how bad things seem during the coronavirus, thinking about accomplishment can be a source of optimism. If you talk to somebody and they tell you how everything seems to fall apart in their life, remind them about their accomplishments. Such accomplishments do not have to be material. Even establishing and maintaining healthy friendships and family can be considered an achievement. 

When your spouse, child, or parent feels bad about the current pandemic, talk to them about their achievements in life. Doing this can make you a great source of optimism for them though it might seem negligible to you. 

The Bottom Line 

With people all over the world living in fear of contracting COVID-19, it's easy to feel like things are falling apart. Some people feel like this is the worst tragedy in their life. But, whether you've been infected or affected by the coronavirus pandemic, you can be a source of optimism for other people. Being positive and avoiding counterproductive thoughts is very important at this time. Follow these tips to become a source of optimism for others and maintain the positive energy that the world needs to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. 

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