Southwest Passenger 'Bombarded by Inappropriate Photos' from Stranger on Her Flight

By Staff Reporter - 17 Jun '19 16:37PM

Kat Pitman was settling into her aisle seat on a Southwest Airlines flight from Louisville to Chicago Friday morning, texting her husband, when her iPhone buzzed.

She looked down to see an AirDrop request. Someone whose name she didn't recognize was sending her a pornographic image.

"It was just very explicit. It just shocked me,'' the 40-year-old frequent flyer said in an interview with USA TODAY.

Pitman immediately turned off AirDrop, an Apple feature that allows people to wirelessly send photos, videos and documents to nearby phones and computers using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but quickly turned it back on to take a screenshot of the sender's name. She instantly received two more AirDrop requests, with a video and another graphic photo.

The sender's name? A NSFW take on Bilbo Baggins from "The Hobbit.''

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