AskGamblers Gambling Guide

By Staff Reporter - 30 Jan '18 12:21PM

AskGamblers Gambling Guide

Isn't it great knowing there is a single place where you can get all the info on one subject? In the olden days we used to call such books encyclopaedias, but there's no need to keep such knowledge on the shelves anymore; there are specific websites online used for such purposes. When gambling is concerned, you'll be happy to know that there is a brand-new project called the AskGamblers Gambling Guide that strives to give you the answer to all your gambling-related questions. Intrigued? Let us go into a little more detail then, shall we?

Gambling Guide Explained

So, what does the Gambling Guide look like? Like its title suggests, it's a guide that's divided into six main parts, which are in turn divided into chapters and finally lessons. You can skip onto any lesson or chapter as you please in order to find the answer to your specific gambling-related question or you can go through the whole guide step by step.

The first part will uncover truths about some gambling myths and introduces you to the world of online gambling in general, while taking a look back on its history, as well. Want to find out how it all started? Care to expand your knowledge on the most famous software providers and game developers in the world? Ready to stop believing in some of the gambling myths listed there? Then you're ready for A Brief History of Online Gambling.

The second part goes into detail regarding registering at online casinos and how to play once a member. Any question you may have regarding casino bonuses, support, depositing? You'll get your answers here.

Next, you can familiarize yourself with security and fairness at online casinos in the third part of the Gambling Guide. In the fourth part you'll learn more about complaints and, more specifically, how to properly submit your complaints should you have any issues with a casino through the AskGamblers Casino Complaint System.

The fifth part deals with gambling addiction and, finally, the sixth part provides you with a gambling glossary and the info on some of the most important licensing bodies in the iGaming world.

Take Tests to Examine Your Gambling Knowledge

Hey, but that's not all! The Gambling Guide isn't just there for passive knowledge; you can monitor your progress and test your expertise via Gambling Guide tests, too.

Depending on which part you've completed successfully, you'll get a corresponding badge and an attractive title to flaunt among your peers. After all, who wouldn't like to be called Casino Whiz or, if you conquer all, Master of All Things Gambling?

Start Your Gambling Guide Journey Today

All that's left to do is begin your AskGamblers Gambling Guide journey. Make it as fun as possible; jump from lesson to lesson if you so please, find answers to some of the questions you still haven't had answered, remind yourself of some important terms from the iGaming world, grab useful tips on playing online slots, and, above all, have a blast!

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