iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone X Battery Test: iPhone 8 Plus is the Clear Winner

By Staff Reporter - 22 Dec '17 19:26PM

Compared to Apple's new iPhone, the longest battery life is "iPhone 8 Plus," and the short one is "iPhone X ." The subject was released this year and has nothing to do with the recent controversial Apple artificial degradation update.

According to a battery test comparing video playback time, the iPhone 8 Plus was 13.5 hours, the iPhone 8 was 13.5 hours, and the iPhone X was 11.45 hours. Battery capacities are 2675mAh, 1821mAh and 2716mAh respectively. In other words, the iPhone 8 series is ahead of iPhone X in terms of battery efficiency.

IPhone X is a result of the iPhone's 10th anniversary. In addition, the price is quite high compared to the iPhone 8 series. 

"The OLED screen, which is the biggest difference with the iPhone 8, could be the cause of the disappointing iPhone X battery life," he said. "The iPhone X with OLED is brighter than any other iPhone with LCD." OLEDs may have lower battery efficiency than LCDs, but they have a clear, rich color representation, thinness, and light weight. CNET also said that TrueDevs cameras used in the Face ID could also degrade the battery efficiency of the iPhone X. This experiment is based on a comparison of video playback time.

Meanwhile, Apple said it plans to apply a "slower software update" to the new iPhone, which is applied to the iPhone 7 and below. "The lithium-ion battery in the iPhone has a power shortage when the battery is low or the temperature drops," said Apple. "This causes the iPhone to shut down unexpectedly. I will do it. "

The problem is that Apple has made these updates without user notification and consent. In the United States, Apple has filed lawsuits claiming that it has deceived users to create new iPhone replacement demand. "If Apple were worrying about battery life problems, it needed to communicate with people who were using the device," TechCrunch said.

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