SpaceX Completes Launch Of Used Rocket And Lands Successfully; What Is Elon Musk's Next Goal?

By Jeff Thompson - 31 Mar '17 12:49PM

The much-expected launch of used rocket by SpaceX went smoothly, and it returned to droneship successfully. The two-stage rocket fired at 6:27 p.m. EDT on March 30, at the Kennedy Space Center, and the first stage returned after eight minutes from the launch. The elated CEO of the firm, Elon Musk, announced its next goal - reflight within 24 hours from the launch.

The launch has taken the satellite SES-10 to 22,000 miles to space and placed it in geosynchronous orbit. The droneship named "Of Course I Still Love You" was floated in the Atlantic Ocean to receive the returning rocket. The launch is considered to be a great leap for the space firm as it can significantly reduce the cost of space flights and ensure a successful return of manned space missions, which the company is aiming for the future.

It is known that the expense of the rocket is significantly coming from the first stage of it, and since SpaceX could bring it back, it would reduce the cost per flight significantly. There are reports that the cost of Falcon 9 rocket is around $62 million, and considering the relaunch of the rockets, the firm gives a discount to the clients on the Falcon 9 price. SpaceX was working on the mission of reusable rockets for the past five years, and the current rocket was used last year for its first launch. The firm has made 14 attempts so far to recover the launched rocket and successfully returned it nine times.

However, SpaceX communicated that the successful return of the rocket was secondary, and it needed the satellite launched to orbit as the primary goal of the launch. The satellite SES-10 is designed to give communication services such as better internet coverage, Telephone, TV, radio, etc., for South American countries. According to the information available from SES, the satellite can also be used for off-shore oil and gas exploration.

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