Samsung Galaxy S8 News And Updates: No Significant Change In Camera From S7; Know More About It

By Jeff Thompson - 31 Mar '17 05:30AM

People who have been watching the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch would have wondered why the camera features of the phone were not presented with greater significance. Even people who have gone through the specifications would have wondered why there's no significant change in the rear camera with respect to its previous version - Galaxy S7. While it improved processor, screen size, display, new smart assistant,among others,  it failed to make the same transition in the case of rear cameras.

Since the phone is yet to be received for an on-hand experience, it is not sure how effective the new camera would be though there is no specification change in it. However, reports are suggesting that the camera would carry a new image chip and would have some improvements while plotting in low light. If it can be summarized in total, there is no change in the hardware specifications, and it continues to use the same 12 MP with f/1.7 aperture shooter along with optical image stabilization. It also carries 4K video recording.

It can be argued that not all the hardware improvements can be expected every time, and there is an upgrade for the front camera from 5 MP to 8 MP. Also, there are disputes that the S7 camera was superb, and Samsung would have thought it to continue for another year. However, when iPhone 8 or Google Pixel 2 releases later this year, obviously on comparison metrics and in performance, the device would lag behind them considering that they are expected to come with top notch experience.

Obviously, the camera of the S8 is a good but not superb. The smartphone maker has announced that the camera of the device is coming with an option similar to Pixel's HDR+ mode that helps users to capture excellent photographs even while low amounts of light or uneven lighting. It takes a number of images and chooses the sharpest one from it as the base and aligns others into it. 

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