Orca Whales Exhale Bad Breath, Human Waste Can Be Cause For Bacteria In The System, Study Finds

By Carrie Winters - 27 Mar '17 21:47PM

A new study finds that the Orca whales hava bad breath. The reason for this is that the mammal has certain bacteria that comes out of its breath once it exhales.

According to a report, the data in the study suggests that human waste can be contaminating the marine environment. This may be the reason why orcas have bad breath. The orcas have been found to exhale salmonella and fungi. It also breathes out good bacteria.

The researchers studied the whales swimming in the Washington waters. This has been done for four years. The study found that the orcas breathe out good and disease-causing microbes. There were some of the bacteria that were antibiotic-resistant. The bacteria that came out from the whale's breath may come from human waste and enter into the ecosystem.

These microbes that enter the orca's bodies may be harmful to their health. The weak ones may suffer some respiratory conditions and may weaken the immune system. There is no specific explanation yet how harmful these microbes could be to the orca whales.

A report indicated that the infectious diseases that may be entering the orca's body can be a major stress factor. This may be the cause why there is a fluctuation of the orca's population in the recent years.

It is indicated that the death of orcas had been mostly caused by respiratory diseases. Their lungs suffer the most that will eventually lead to their death. There has been 40 percent of the orca's population that had been contaminated and had a lung infection.

Meanwhile, it is indicated that the orca whales travel to waterways. These sea creatures encounter environmental stressors. Most of these stressors are caused by humans and these may come from human waste. It is important for researchers to look for ways in order to keep the population of the orca whales intact.

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