Deiondre' Hall Of Bears And Makinton Dorleant Of Packers Arrested For Fight Outside An Iowa Bar

By Jeff Thompson - 27 Mar '17 19:05PM

In a recent incident, Deiondre' Hall of Chicago Bears and Makinton Dorleant of Green Bay Packers were arrested for a brawl outside a Cedar Falls bar. The police reports say that Hall was behaving in an inappropriate manner and cited for interfering the official acts of the police and public intoxication, whereas Dorleant was booked for interfering the arrest of Hall.

According to police reports, the officers were responding to a fight reported outside of Sharkey's Funhouse bar Saturday night. Hall was allegedly not cooperating with police and not responding to their instructions and spit on the officers' faces. Finally, the officers were forced to use a Taser to Hall and took him to the police car. In the meantime, Dorleant came and argued with the authorities in a threatening manner.

Packers responded by saying the team is aware of the situation and "collecting more information" regarding the incident. On the other hand, Bears did not make any comments or responded to an email requesting comment. Interestingly, the scandals and arrests related to NFL players are hitting alarming numbers in the recent years.

A few weeks back, the issue of Ezekiel Elliot trying to pull down the top of a girl was a big point of discussion. There are reports that from 2010 till the third quarter of 2016 at least 321 NFL players arrested on various charges. The issues were also of different nature varying from the less serious driving license violation to murders. But, a number of these charges were later dropped according to official reports.

In the case of Hall and Dorleant, both of them are Cornerbacks of their respective teams, and they played for the University of Northern Iowa during the college days. While Hall was the fourth round pick in the 2016 draft, Dorleant was by the Green Bay Packers as an undrafted free agent last year.

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