United Airlines Issue Statement; Leggings Welcome On Board

By Marguerite Chang - 27 Mar '17 08:01AM

In the hopes of clearing the air, United Airlines issued a statement clarifying what happened about the "leggings" issue that hounded the headlines and made a buzz in the social media scene.

According to a report, Shannon Watts, presumably a fellow passenger saw that the gate agent of United Airlines refused two girls to board their flight. The girls both wore leggings and one was asked to change before she could board the Denver to Minneapolis flight. Watts was at the Denver International Airport at that time and posted on her Twitter account that the gate agent won't allow the girls to board because "spandex is not allowed" on board.

An uproar on social media ensued and prompted a lot of responses from the netizens. Even the actress Patricia Arquette joined the fray and said that "leggings are business attire for 10 year olds. Their business is being children."

Finally, an official word from United Airlines was published on their twitter account and they explained their side of the story. According to United's post, the passengers who were asked to chance their attire were not their regular paying travelers but were "United pass riders."

United pass riders are family members or friends of United employees who avail of the benefits that are accorded to United Airlines workers. According to the explanation of United, these United pass riders have to follow their rules on flying, including dress codes.

United has explained that regular paying passengers wearing leggings are welcome. They are saying that the dress code is simply for those who are availing of the perks of being an employee of United. They are saying that as a United pass rider, the person is projecting the image of United as well and should dress that will "meet or exceed the casual standards" for the public.

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