San Antonio Weekend; What To Do In San Antonio Texas

By Marguerite Chang - 24 Mar '17 05:30AM

A weekend free might not be enough to fully explore San Antonio, TX, but it is worth a try. Here's a list of the must do and must see places that you need to take advantage of when you are in the area.

The San Antonio River Walk Cruise Hop-on-hop-off tour is one of the highlights of a San Antonio tour. For just a short time, visitors can have an overview of what San Antonio has to offer. This tour includes the "Battle for Texas: The Experience."

The cruise along the San Antonio River will show passengers the downtown area and the Pearl Brewery District. There are 11 multimedia galleries that will be featured in the tour and it includes the Battle of the Alamo memorabilia. The cruise and the hop-on-hop-off tour will show the history of San Antonio while on top of the double decker bus. There are about 18 stops and you can stay longer in one place and then catch the next bus for the next stop. The tour price starts at $44.

Another place worth visiting in San Antonio would be the Natural Bridge Caverns. This place is for people who are leaning towards the more adventurous kinds of tours. Aside from the Discovery Tour where people can explore the caverns it also has a Lantern Tour. The Lantern Tour is a cave tour where people can explore the care with their hand-held lanterns. Spelunking in their undeveloped caves can also be experienced for those who want to be more adventurous.

Those who want to see the evening emergence of the world's largest bat colony can also go to the Natural Bridge Caverns as they have a Bracken Bat Flight experience.

If nature tripping is not something that one is interested it, there's a lot of other activities to try. For food and drinks, there's the Pearl Brewery and the Farmer's Market and a host of other places to eat and landmarks to see in San Antonio Texas.

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