Face Reconstructed For Cambridge Man; Reconstructed Face Part Of Study To Understand Lives Of Anonymous Poor Of 700 Years Ago

By Carrie Winters - 23 Mar '17 05:30AM

A face of a man dead 700 years ago has been reconstructed. The reconstruction is part of the research to gain more insights about the lives of the anonymous poor.

According to a report, Context 958 is the face of Cambridge man found in a graveyard. This graveyard is under the Old Divinity School of St. John's College. It is indicated that the cemetery has been attached to a hospital for the poor and infirm residents. This has been from the years between 1200 and 1500. This has been one of the largest medieval hospital cemeteries in Britain.

The facial reconstruction has been done in order to study more on the lives of the anonymous poor that had been buried in this area. It will help scientists learn more about how they lived before and what they were before they died.

The reconstruction of the face is also the same method used in order to help police in identifying people that already have decomposed bodies. This can help in solving any case even in forensics. In the meantime, scientists pulled out a skull from a 700 years old Cambridge man found in the graveyard.

It is indicated that Context 958 had lived up until 40 years old and may have been an inmate at the Hospital of St. John. The lives of the poor that mostly ended in the charitable institution had not been properly studied before. Previous reports were all about the rich and that meant there was less knowledge about the poor people then. This new study by using face reconstruction will help scientists determine what these poor people were like in those years.

Meanwhile, Context 958 was found faced down when the graveyard was excavated. The face reconstruction technology that has been used on the skeleton can revive what the man looked like when he was still alive.

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