QB Mitch Trubisky Attracts People And Team Managements Alike; Which Teams Are Looking To Recruit Him?

By Jeff Thompson - 22 Mar '17 19:00PM

The Tar Heels quarterback Mitch Trubisky is getting attention nowadays both from the crowd and the NFL teams alike. The highest rated quarterback in 2017 draft is an interesting talking point for many. There are reports that a number of teams are trying to bring him into their team.

He was surrounded by cameras on the North Carolina pro day, and he ignored everyone by using the microphone over his head. "I think that I am preparing well and would like to visit coaches and teams to show what I can bring to the new organization," Trubisky spoke about his plans. Interestingly, he attracted more people to North Carolina pro workouts. The spokesperson of the Tar Heels confirmed that at least 75 officials from 32 NFL teams came to watch his practice and performance.

Interestingly, Trubisky confirmed that he has a number of meetings scheduled with different teams like San Francisco 49ers, New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs, and of course his home team Cleveland Browns. "Nobody is putting any pressure on me than myself, you can put as many cameras as you want, but I am focusing on putting the hardest on me," Trubisky said. He was also ranked in the top ten with 68 percent passes nationally.

In 2016 season, as a starter, Trubisky completed 3,748 yards with 30 touchdowns. He also did 304 completions, 447 attempts, and 4,056 offenses. Interestingly, he couldn't show his talent in the initial years as he was stuck behind Marquise Williams. Most of the experts now classify him in the list of best passers in 2017 draft. He is considered to a perfect passer with arm strength, excellent running skills, and consistently putting efforts on the ground. However, few apprehend the fact that Trubisky doesn't have a long track record, and it might make him riskier than other rookies for the NFL teams.

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