Uber President Jeff Jones Resigns From Post; Surrounding Controversies Possible Reason; #DeleteUber Movement One Of The Many?

By Carrie Winters - 20 Mar '17 18:57PM

Uber president Jeff Jones quits from the company in less than a year. The decision has been related to some controversies in the company.

According to a report, Uber has confirmed Jeff Jones' departure from the company. A statement from Uber says that they thankJeff Jones for the service he gave to the company for six months. It is also indicated in the same statement that Jeff Jones does not see his future at Uber and so is the reason for the decision to leave.

Jeff Jones also confirmed his decision and in a statement, he shared that his beliefs are not consistent with Uber. He noted that he cannot continue being a leader in the said company. As of the moment, the company is set to find a new COO that can help with management.

Uber has had its share of challenges since the year started. It can be recalled that in January, more than 200,000 customers deleted Uber in one weekend. This move has been a part of the #DeleteUber movement.

Google also sued Uber for using technology that was stolen. It is indicated that Uber also had details that were designed to deceive government authorities. Furthermore, Jeff jones decision to leave the company has also been about certain scandals at the company.

Meanwhile, it is reported that in February, Uber was also hit with a controversy about a sexual harassment claim from a former engineer. The woman had a blog post that indicated about how sexual harassment is present at Uber. The woman accused Uber of Systemic sexual harassment. Additionally, Uber also had its challenge in March. There were reports that indicated that Uber used a certain tool that can deceive the authorities in places where Uber was restricted or not allowed.

In the meantime, Uber already lost several executives in recent weeks. Ed Baker, the head of growth and product for Uber also resigned earlier this month.

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