'Super Mario Run' News & Update: Nintendo Releases The Game On Android; Can Users Pre-Register?

By Carrie Winters - 20 Mar '17 09:06AM

Nintendo has announced that "Super Mario Run" will soon be available on Android. It should be up and running for Android on March 23. This has been a long awaited news by Android Users.

According to a report, Nintendo confirmed in January that "Super Mario Run" would arrive in Android by March. It is indicated that the game would arrive with the version 2.0.0 update. However, there were no details on what this specific update for the game will contain.

It can be recalled that "Super Mario Run" was released for iOS in Dec. 2016. The game was a hit with 78 million downloads. This is according to the recent count by Nintendo. The game will have each level of sampling with the free download.

A $10 fee is needed to be able to unlock each level of "Super Mario Run." There has been five percent of players that paid in order to download the game. This report has been based on Nintendo's report and has brought in million dollars as revenue for the game.

A report indicated that Android users can already pre-register for "Super Mario Run" in Google Play Store. The mobile game brings in the classic Super Mario game into a new platform. Initially the game has been believed to be an iOS exclusive but later on was reported to run on Android.

Meanwhile, the "Super Mario Run" for android is coming in with the update that will include unlocking levels 1-4. It also is indicated that the update would let players use other characters in the game. These were the only information as of yet regarding the update that will come together with the game's release on Android. Nintendo announced that the update 2.0.0 for "Super Mario Run" on android will bring more available updates once the game is launched. 

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