‘Nintendo Switch’ News And Updates: Status Of Joy-Con Connection Issues And What The Problem Could Be; Stock Update And More

By Jeff Thompson - 20 Mar '17 05:30AM

The release of Nintendo Switch has been on for about three weeks now and the hype about the device is still continuing. There are reports that left joy-con connection issues are being fixed and it seems that not as many people experienced a Bluetooth syncing issue and other complaints. Also, the demand for the device continues, and Nintendo is reportedly looking to increase the production.

Regarding the issues of left-hand joy-con, people have suggestions of what the possible reason could be. The tech experts who did a dissection of both the joy-cons found that the right joy-con comes with a separate antenna while the left joy-con has an antenna within the circuit board. Though this is not the official cause of the issue, as many of the latest consoles are coming with similar kind of mechanism, the left joy-con has a metal piece near to its antenna and many people think that it is creating the syncing issues to of the joy-con.

Nintendo has not made any official statement regarding the joy-con issue in detail but they, however, responded that they will give their best efforts to give a smooth experience to their customers. Considering the huge demand for the portable console, the developer has decided to double the production count to meet the demand. There are already reports that the device is priced at eBay for more than $4000 by individuals.

GameStop reported that it would get new supply by March 22 from the Japanese console maker. The retailer has issued a press release to confirm the stock. People who are planning to purchase the device are advised to consult their local store salesperson to know more details about it considering the local supplies may vary. It seems that gamers don't care about the rumors surrounding the joy-con as the Switch console is still selling like hotcakes.

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