Uber Isn’t Making Significant Improvement In Their Self-driving Car Project, Leaked Documents Say

By Jeff Thompson - 18 Mar '17 05:37AM

The leaked internal documents of Uber point out that its dream self-driving car project isn't making significant progress. The documents say that its monthly metrics regarding the advancement of the project is not making any consistent improvement and looking quite sluggish. Things are also getting worse for the transportation firm in the wake an imminent court battle with Google.

The leaked documents to Recode gave details about self-driving cars testing in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and California. The reports say that the number of kilometers testing by Uber is steadily increasing month after month. But, the situation which the driver is forced to take control of the vehicle and smooth car ride experience are not making the required progress the firm wanted. Uber did not respond to the latest reports.

The report says that almost 43 active cars drove 20,354 miles during the first week of March using the self-drive mode and this is the second time it achieved more than 20,000 miles in a week after December 2016. When it comes to critical interventions which force the driver to take the control to stop from the accident, it shows an irregular trend. The first week of February saw average 125 miles without intervention, in the next week it went down to 50 miles, the third week of February saw a rise to 160 miles, and the final week saw it dipping to 115 miles. The first week of March took an advancement, and the data stood at 196 miles.

In terms of bad experiences like bad stops, the performance further escalates. In mid January, the data stood at 4.5 miles in the bad experience, February saw the data stands at 2 miles, and the first week of March flattens the numbers at 2 miles. Unless it can provide a positive improvement in the data, the results won't give any level of confidence to the customers.

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