Pokémon Go News And Updates: Is The Next Event On The Way?

By Jeff Thompson - 17 Mar '17 05:55AM

It has been quite some time that any Pokémon event conducted by the developer Niantic after Pokémon day. It is reported that the next event is just around the corner. The latest reports confirm that an upcoming in-game event is expected for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the anime series and as part of the promotion for the upcoming 20th Pokémon movie in July.

According to the reports, the Pokemon Sun and Moon gamers would have the option to download one Pikachu model out of the six given. Interestingly, the models would wear Ash's hats that are from the TV show. Additionally, the fans would get a chance to win Pokemon Sun and Moon hats, as they get a code when they pre-order ticket for the Pokémon movie. Though it is officially confirmed, the promotions about the movie and advertisements are confirming the upcoming events.

TOHO, a Japanese cinema chain already made an agreement with Niantic regarding the events, and its promotional video plots Pikachu spinning a Pokestop, and then it throws out a number of Pokeballs coming with Ash's cap. During the previous events, including the Christmas event, Niantic introduced new hats for Pikachu, which is a Santa hat. It was again introduced in February as a party hat along with a special Pikachu to celebrate the Pokémon day.

It is reported that the developer is planning to release the Legendary Pokemon sometime late 2017. Niantic wants to engage its gamers with new events until then. It was confirmed previously that the game would receive three major updates this year and the information was confirmed by the game director John Hanke. It can be expected that one of the updates could be for the Legendary Pokemon release and the second could be for July 6, to celebrate the first anniversary of Pokémon Go.

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