Huskies Fires Coach Lorenzo Romar; Team's Lackluster Performance The Reason?

By Jeff Thompson - 16 Mar '17 11:11AM

Washington Huskies fired the men's basketball team Coach Lorenzo Romar after long 15 seasons, because the team couldn't make any significant performance for the last six seasons. This includes not being able to appear in the NCAA tournament and this year's disappointing performance. He made some great success in the initial years of his career, but he couldn't advance it even though the team had good talents.

This year's performance was also very disappointing, and the team statistics is currently standing at 9-22 that includes a 13-game losing streak, which is one of the longest in school history. It was on Wednesday that the announcement came that Romar would be relieved from the team. "We were looking for an improvement this year with respect to previous years, but it did not happen," said Jennifer Cohen, the athletic director of Washington.

"I just considered multiple factors and did what I thought sensible, and I am confident that the change is necessary to add and build a championship culture to the team which the current team is lacking," She continued. Romar's record with the team stands at 298-196 in his 15-year long career, which is the second best in terms of winning percentage. He helped the team to appear in six NCAA tournaments during the initial years. However, the shortfall was visible even then, as he couldn't make the team to appear the final four, though it had sufficient supply of talents.

Now, the assistant coach of the team, Will Conroy will be the focal point of the team until the new coach takes charge. Though there is no official information available yet, different names are surfacing for the post. It includes Randy Bennett of St. Mary's, Eric Musselman of Nevada, Russell Turner of UC Irvine, Tommy Lloyd of Gonzaga, and Gregg Marshall of Wichita State are considered to be the main contenders for the post.

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