Meteorologists Counter Recent Claims By EPA Change On Climate Change

By Jeff Thompson - 14 Mar '17 17:20PM

Country's top meteorology organization has disapproved the recent claims by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Director Scott Pruitt on climate change. The American Meteorological Society (AMS) sent a letter to Pruitt on Monday and said that he was wrong. It was last week, Pruitt questioned the claims on climate change in a CNBC interview.

"I can't agree that carbon dioxide is the primary contributor to the climate change and global warming," Pruitt said. In response to Pruitt, AMS executive director, Keith Seitter wrote that all the seven billion people on the planet were causing the climate change and the emission of carbon dioxide and other major greenhouse gasses by people were the main cause. "The conclusion arrived from various comprehensive scientific studies and years of research. Not only one particular group or agency but many research institutes and researchers across the world looked at various data and figures to arrive the conclusion on climate change," Seitter said.

"We haven't heard any other scientific institution around the world that has a different stand on the findings," Seitter further added. He pointed out that "mischaracterizing the research and science" is a bad start for formulating constructive policies on climate change. Seitter said that his agency could help Pruitt with data to understand the science behind climate change. The AMS also asked Pruitt to not to deviate from an established scientific fact.

Earlier the comments made by Pruitt has made a strong protest from Democrats, scientists, and liberal organizations. Some of them even challenged that he can't be part of EPA if he doesn't understand the science behind climate change. There are reports that Pruitt and President Donald Trump have plans to repeal the climate change policies of former President Barack Obama. Trump is also reportedly planning to reconsider the climate rule for power plants, coal leasing moratorium, and greenhouse gas standards for vehicles set by Barack Obama.

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