Azure Window Collapses; Malta's Iconic Landmark Is No More

By Marguerite Chang - 09 Mar '17 05:30AM

Azure Window, Malta's iconic landmark, is has collapsed and gone forever. The Azure Window has been featured in numerous movies like The Count of Monte Cristo and it was the scene of the Dothraki wedding in Game of Thrones the first season.

The erosion did not come as a surprise as this has been found to be in danger of collapsing as early as 2013. It took a few years before the unfortunate event happened but it was deemed inevitable. The Azure Window was one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Malta and some say that tourism could have helped in in the hastening the process of its final demise. It has been reported that tourists go to the place and jump off the arch and in doing so, dislodge rocks.

This has been a sad day for the people of Malta and Prime Minister Joseph has said that what happened to the Azure Window is "Heartbreaking." Strong gale force winds earlier over the week and the raging sea caused the arch to collapse.

The residents of Malta are saddened when they woke up to the news that the site is no more and it is as if the Azure Window didn't exist at all. Photos that residents of the area took show that it was not just the top part of the window that fell but the entire structure is gone.

The Environment Minister of Malta, Jose Herrera, has said that the collapse was inevitable and no amount of human intervention can prevent it from collapsing. He has said that it was like "losing a part of yourself".

The Tourism sector of the Malta is stressing, though, that they have a lot to offer other than the Azure Window. They are seeing this as an opportunity to showcase the other beautiful sites of Malta.

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