49ers Releases Torrey Smith To Free-agency List? Team Continues Revamp

By Jeff Thompson - 07 Mar '17 15:53PM

The latest reports confirm that the wide receiver Torrey Smith would be released from the team 49ers. With the new season about to start, the team will drop the player whom they recruited for five years. Interestingly, he was recruited from the free-agent list two years back.

It is reported by the retired receiver Steve Smith as he confirmed the release of the 2015 recruit from the team. In 2015, Torrey signed a $40 million contract with $22 million in guarantees for five years, and now it has ended abruptly says the reports. As he completed two seasons with the team, he would fetch $16 million in total and would leave a cap charge of $4.8 million. Interestingly, Torrey thanked the management and players of San Francisco on his Instagram account. It should be noted that 49ers could not make a solid performance in the last two years, and it only won seven games.

Smith was reportedly struggling in the last two seasons, and he could only complete 930 yards with seven touchdowns on 53 receptions. The performance was from 28 games, and he missed four matches due to his injury. However, it is not sure whether the management of 49ers would go for the cut after the resumption of the new league season or simply remove him regardless of cap charges considerations. The change would save the team a salary of $6.5 million, $375,000 roster bonus, and $1 million workout bonus in 2017.

Considering the disappointing performance of the team in the recent years, the management has made some revamp in the officials and team members. It has brought a new coach, Kyle Shanahan and a number of players has been released. It includes Quarterback Colin Kaepernick as he moved out of the team last week, and the previous general manager of the team Trent Baalke was also axed due to the disappointing 2-14 performance in the 2016 season.

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