Draymond Green Is Unhappy As Knicks Didn’t Play The Music In First Half; Finds It "Completely Disrespectful"

By Jeff Thompson - 06 Mar '17 20:31PM

Draymond Green of Warriors was not happy with the fact that Knicks decided to shelve the in-game music during the first half of the game. It was during the Sunday's match, the management of Knicks decided not to play the in-game music to help the viewers to "experience the game in the purest form."

"It was pathetic," Green said after the win over the Knicks for 112-105. "It was strange and changed the flow of the game. You got used to listening to the music in a certain way and on Sunday everything has changed, and I felt that it was completely disrespectful." It is reported that most of the players from Warrior side were not happy with the muted atmosphere, however, Green raised his voice as he was totally unhappy with it.

"Anyone who watched the first half would feel that there was no vibe and no rhythm of the game," Green further added. He said that the music adds the rhythm to the game, and it helps the players to move into a certain area. "It could be to throw the team off the game, but Knicks threw the game completely out of it. They wanted to trash it, and that is what they did on the court," Green said.

Even Warriors coach, Steve Kerr was not happy with the way things went on Sunday. "It is weird. It looked like inside a church, and did they think that it is a Sunday?" he asked. Even other players raised a protest against the experience. Stephen Curry said that it was a bizarre Sunday and players started making beat sounds to maintain a rhythm and musical presence. Interestingly, the big man of Knicks, Kristaps Porzingis, also shown a similar voice as he described that it was "weird" as there was no music in the first half.

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