FDA Approves Noctiva To Prevent Urination At Night Time: Nasal Spray For Adults The Solution?

By Carrie Winters - 06 Mar '17 05:30AM

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved of a certain drug that can minimize urination at night time. The manufacturer of Noctiva nasal spray says that it can prevent frequent urination at night.

According to a report, Noctiva nasal spray has been approved by FDA for adults to prevent too much urination at night. However, it is not approved for all especially with those that are taking medications for certain health conditions.

Noctiva needs to be prescribed by doctors and the nasal spray is only for adults. Doctors need to make sure that the nasal spray is used by the right patients. It is indicated that before Noctiva is approved for use towards a patient, one need to undergo some tests.

The drug can also cause a dangerously low level of sodium in the blood and the reason why FDA has a strong warning regarding the use of the drug. There are also other side effects that can be manifested when Noctiva is used. The nasal spray can cause colds, bronchitis, increased blood pressure, dizziness, nose bleed and back pain.

A report indicated that Noctiva nasal spray need to be taken every day 30 minutes before bedtime. The nasal spray works to absorb the water through the kidneys. This can lead to less urine production and the patients do not need to wake up multiple times in order to urinate.

Noctiva nasal spray can cure nocturia, however, it is not to be prescribed to pregnant women. Nocturia is a symptom of different conditions for the body. It is the act of waking up multiple times at night in order to urinate. For pregnant women, nocturia is prevalent but does not need the cure from Noctiva.

Meanwhile, the efficiency of Noctiva to cure nocturia has been established in a placebo-controlled trial for 12 weeks. It has been tested to 1,045 patients of about 50 years of age. These subjects have nocturia due to nocturnal polyuria.

Noctiva then proved to have lesser urination for certain adults that are allowed to use the nasal spray.

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