Tiny Fossils Found To Be Oldest Evidence Of Life? Fossils Found Embedded On Rocks

By Carrie Winters - 02 Mar '17 18:24PM

A new research indicates that tiny fossils had been discovered and these are said to be the oldest evidence of life on Earth. These tiny fossils can trace back of up to 3.7 billion years ago. The discovery may be proof that the mineral rich environment where the fossils were found could be evidence the kind of environment that is conducive to nurture the emergence of life.

According to a report, researchers published the discovery in the journal Nature. It is indicated that tiny fossils may be the oldest evidence of life here on Earth. These tiny fossils have been embedded in rocks and are calculated to be 3.7 billion years old. Dodd further described these fossils to look like string irons and some of these look like tubes or spirals. The fossils found also contained most of the chemistry that can be found in living organisms. These tiny fossils contain lots of carbon and phosphorus.

A report indicated that the tiny fossils also related to the human origin. The researchers are working hard in order to find more evidence about these fossils that are said to be traces of life on Earth for such a long period of time now. It may be that life indeed happened long before and that these fossils may be evidence of the most ancient life form here on Earth.

Meanwhile, there are also other scientists that are questioning about this latest study. Some researchers have indicated that the fossils found embedded on rocks are fossil-like structures but do not have real evidence for these to be living. For the new study on these fossils, it is also indicated that there may have been life to where these were found. The discovery of these tiny fossils was from Nuvvuagittuq, a geological formation in Canada. This stretches out at the Hudson Bay.

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