Apple Offers New Features For iPhones On Its 10th Anniversary

By Carrie Winters - 02 Mar '17 08:03AM

Apple is set to release a new iPhone on its 10th anniversary celebration. The Apple iPhone is rumored to have a curved OLED display screen. Fans can't help but be excited with the new features for the newest installment. 

According to a report, the special Apple iPhone is set to have a curved OLED display screen and is rumored to be priced at $1000. The other iPhones that are set to be launched this year will have the traditional designs. A report indicated that the Apple iPhone that has a special design comes out 10 years after the first design has been revealed in 2007. The new iPhones will also have additional features like the USB-C port for recharging.

In the meantime, the new Apple iPhone design is also rumored to have the stainless steel casing with a glass back. The last time that Apple had glass backs on the iPhones was with the iPhone 4. However, durability was tested then and so the glass back was taken out. This time, because of the new technology and upgrades on the materials Apple may try the glass back again on its new designs.

Additionally, it is also rumored that the new Apple iPhones will have the wireless charging. It also is rumored that the latest iPhones will have the 3D sensors already. The 3D sensors enable the phones to recognize movements. iPhone has always been on the forefront and fans can't help but be enthusiastic about it even if it will set them back for probably hundreds of dollars.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors coming out for the Apple iPhone 8. These new phones from Apple may come with fully upgraded features that are not found in the older designs. The upgrades for the new ones may include longer battery life, a more advanced AI software and wireless charging.

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