YouTube Announces YouTube TV Subscription; Fee, Accounts And Networks Available; Everything That We Need To Know

By Carrie Winters - 01 Mar '17 05:30AM

YouTube announces a live TV stream. YouTube TV will be available soon and will give users access to television programs over the mobile devices.

According to a report, YouTube TV is a paid subscription service that will stream some television programs. These premium broadcasts and cable networks will soon be available on mobile devices, laptops, tablets and computers.

YouTube TV is $35 per month subscription with six accounts and access to live TV. The subscription includes shows from big networks like ESPN. This also includes a cloud DVR with unlimited storage. Additionally, the subscription will also include an AI-powered search and personalization.

A report indicated that CBS had been the first network to sign on the YouTube TV service. The other networks that are in discussions in getting into the subscription are 20th Century Fox, NBCUniversal and Disney. The $35 per month subscription on YouTube TV does not have a long-term contract. This means that the subscription may last for as long as the users want it. The streaming service will launch the YouTube TV on areas that it can broadcast all the programs locally.

Meanwhile, the YouTube TV subscription includes a cloud DVR with unlimited storage and that means that subscribers can record and store shows anytime. The recordings stored in the DVR can last up to nine months. Subscribers can return to the program longer than usual.

The subscription for YouTube TV also includes access to the programs on YouTube Red. There are more channels that can be streamed in the service once it is launched and that may be soon. There will be more channels added in the future once everything is up and running for the service.

Some of the YouTube TV programs include; ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CW. There is no specific launch date for the service subscription yet. However, users can visit the website in order to get email notifications on updates.

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