'Twitter' Adds Features To Minimize User Abuse; Seeks Control OverToxic Posts

By Carrie Winters - 08 Feb '17 07:52AM

"Twitter" is looking at cleaning the platform from toxic posts. This is for the protection of users and can lessen bullying over posts.

According to a report, "Twitter" has been trying to control the toxic posts over the platform for years. It has been a continuing problem as users make the platform a venue for hate at times. The social media platform plans to work on identifying users that are posting hurtful information. It also is working on getting to the most offensive users.

"Twitter" will also work on hiding the most offensive tweets effectively. The social media platform has been used to bully others and caused hurtful hurts towards somebody. Brands are also victims of bullying over the platform.

Ed Ho, the vice-president for engineering for "Twitter" shares that they are working on taking away abuse on the social media platform. There are more updates coming out to keep users from being safe. There are already several users that are using the platform in an abusive way. This needs to be worked on by the company.

These new updates are set to prevent abusive users from creating more accounts in "Twitter." This is one way to prevent the hate that is coming out from posts of different people. There are also the 'safe search' results. This feature is turned on to block posts from the search that contain sensitive information.

Meanwhile, "Twitter" still maintains the freedom of expression over the platform however, the new features prevents abuse from users. Aside from the safe search which is a new feature from the social media platform, it also adds a feature that collapses replies that are deemed unworthy.

Majority are using "Twitter" to express a thought or other do advertisements over the platform. What the company is looking at is to lessen the abusive comments and posts so as not to hurt other individuals or brands.

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