'Saccorhytus' Believed To Be Ancestors Of Humans; Man Eveloved From Millimeter Sized Sea Animal?

By Carrie Winters - 02 Feb '17 05:30AM

Researchers discovered fossils that are known to be the ancient ancestors of humans. It is reported that the microscopic sea animal is known to be the earliest ancestors that evolved to humans.

According to a report, the Saccorhytus is the earliest form that led to fish and eventually evolved to humans. The sea animal is a millimeter in size and lived on the sea bed. It has been indicated that this tiny creature has lived in between the grains of sand.

The researchers cite that the Saccorhytus is an example of a category of animals called deuterostomes. These are common ancestors of backboned animals. The study did not discover any anus from the animal. It means that it consumed and excreted food from the same part of its body.

A report indicates that the Saccorhytus existed 540 million years ago. This means that the species came about during the Cambrian Period. The most prominent feature of the fossil found is its large, gaping mouth. This indicates that the animal may have taken food as a whole.

The researchers believe that the Saccorhytus may have been a missing link for the molecular clock. It is also indicated in the same report that the species may have been living on a shallow sea. Its body is bilaterally symmetrical and it is covered with flexible and thin skin.

Meanwhile, there are fossils that scientist discovered from 510 million to 520 million years ago. The researchers cite that these years are too early. The species has been discovered to have four cone-line openings on each side. This may have been used to intake water.

This openings also may have been gills used for breathing. This is another discovery that indicates that humans have evolved from animals. This is a new one to note on what has been the beginning of life.

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