Xbox Updates: Project Scorpio the "Next-Gen" and the Most Powerful Console Ever

By Maria Follet - 30 Jan '17 05:30AM

Many companies nowadays are in competition as regards to game consoles. While Nintendo is consistently campaigning for its latest Switch, Microsoft right now is in current action of making another contender that will effectively compete with the Switch. It is now called the Project Scorpio.

Xbox Scorpio Being 'The Most Powerful'. This ambitious statement was featured at an article from Time, telling that this latest technology being developed by Microsoft will make the Xbox Empire grow wider and stronger. The people behind Project Scorpio wants it to be unbeatable. 

Scorpio An Another Xbox Console Or Just An Updated Xbox One Console? "Project Scorpio" which intends to make Xbox glorious as it is assumed that it will be the console's biggest update or development. However, there is a confirmation that Scorpio will be another console of Microsoft, naming it Xbox Scorpio, according to a report from Forbes. The review suggests that Microsoft's move in introducing this ambitious console uplifts the spirits of Xbox fans as some are worried that their console will be defeated by Xbox's allegedly tough competitor, the Sony's PlayStation 4.

Scorpio, the 'Next-Gen' Machine. Just hearing the phrase "next generation" is already enticing. It means that Xbox Scorpio will have the most complicated technology aiming to enhance gaming experience. As what Thomas Mahler, the said developer of "Ori and the Blind Forest", had said to Express, Xbox/Project Scorpio will not just be the console of the most advanced, latest titles but also it will be a total backward compatible. Meaning, even the most cherished classic games before will be playable.

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